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If you have your own house in Kerala where you are residing with your family and if you are ready to set apart minimum one (1) room and a maximum of six (6) rooms for guests, you can apply for the approval | classification scheme of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. You can apply for Silver, Gold or Diamond classification depending on the requirements prescribed.

Most important is how you make your home ready for inspection.


Serviced Villas

There is a big difference between a homestay and a serviced villa.

You can start a Serviced Villa in your own building or in a rented or leased building and you or your family need not stay there. You can operate a serviced villa with the help of a caretaker.

But for the approval, you need the necessary license from the local body also.

Most important is how you make your building ready for inspection.



If you have a building which is more than 50 years old and bears characteristics of the traditional Kerala architecture, you can convert it into an Accommodation unit.

Application fee:  Rs.1000- (Thousand Only)

Incentives offered to approved projects :-

Most important is how you make your building ready for inspection.


Green Farms Kerala

If you have minimum 10 acres of farm/50 acres of plantation, classify it under this scheme which will fetch you the below incentives.

An incentive to the tune of 25% for the additional specified facilities targeting exclusively at the tourists, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakhs. Subsidy will be given to the units only after the completion of the project and approval by a committee.


Amusement Parks

Include Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Children’s Park or Water Parks.

Most Important:-


Kerala Tourism Ayurveda Centre

Based on the facilities and quality of the Ayurveda Centers, units are classified into three categories by using clear guidelines on the requirements.

  1. Ayur Silver
  2. Ayur Gold
  3. Ayur Diamond

Most Important:-


House Boat Classification

Houseboats are classified into three categories.

  1. Silver Vessel
  2. Gold Vessel
  3. Diamond Vessel

Most Important:-


The houseboats approved by the Department of Tourism under the revised scheme of classification alone would be eligible for various financial benefits sanctioned to the Houseboat sector from time to time, including 10% State investment subsidy contemplated in Government order G.O. (P.) No.14/ 88/ GAD dated 12.11.88.


Accreditation for Tour Operators

Tour Operators (1)

Application Fee:

Rs.6500 for head office

Rs.3500 for branch office

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